ICBI Policy on Beer Consumption - Serving Our Communities

The Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI) is the representative body for microbreweries on the island of Ireland.

ICBI member breweries take their responsibilities very seriously, as small business owners, citizens of Irish society and members of the communities where they live and work.

We further recognise our responsibilities as Brewers and sellers of beer and acknowledge that excessive drinking does lead to health problems. It is our intention and our hope that the beers we brew are consumed in a way that brings sensory enjoyment to the people who drink them. Our overarching aim is always balance and moderation in the consumption of beer.

We view brewing as local tradition with agricultural roots, rather than an industrial process. We celebrate flavour and the variations that come with the change of seasons and crops. We believe brewing is a cultural activity which is an expression of ourselves and our community.

When people buy and drink our beer, they do so because they share these values with us. They are looking for a consistently high-quality flavour experience. They want an independently made, authentic product. And they want to feel a connection to real people and communities. We know this because we interact with our customers and our communities on a daily basis, and we care about the society in which we live and the issues it faces.

Our connection with our communities and our customers is why we engage in the responsible marketing, advertising and selling of beer. We avoid marketing activities that feed into the misuse or abuse of beer in all aspects of our communications with our customers, instead we emphasise the responsible and considered enjoyment of beer as part of a balanced, heathy lifestyle.

We don't just make beer; we're serving our communities.


We encourage anyone with additional questions or concerns to refer to one of the government resources below:

HSE recommended weekly low-risk alcohol guidelines

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