Legislation Updates & Information

ICBI Presents to Oireachtas Justice Committee 2023

The Joint Oireachtas Justice Committee initiated a review of The Sale of Alcohol Bill in late 2022. The ICBI was invited to make a written submission in December 2022 and further invited to appear before the committee in January 2022. The Justice Committee released recommendations for the Bill in March 2022 and we are pleased to see that  the ICBI proposal to extend the producer's Retail Licence has been supported by the Committee.

ICBI Submission on Alcohol Licensing Consultation 2021

The ICBI welcomes the Department of Justice review of Alcohol licensing and asks that indigenous beers be treated at least the same as wine imports and that the laws which support anti-competitive trading are abolished. ICBI believes in a free market where barriers to accessing sales outlets are removed for microbreweries and where licences are not governed by antiquated acts from the 19th century. We believe that prevailing market demands can decide which business successfully operate...

Public Health Alcohol Act 2018

The Public Health Alcohol Act was passed in to law in October 2018. The Full Act can be viewed here

There are a number of aspects of this act which still require further secondary legislation such as labelling.

Some important aspects affecting the microbrewing sector including the separation of Alcohol as well as requirements to dispose of multi-buy offers came into effect in 2021.

Minimum Unit pricing came into effect in January 2022.

Documents relating to the act including industry guidance can be found on Gov.ie

ICBI Launches Pre-Budget Submission

The ICBI calls on government to ensure small supports remain in place for local Irish Microbreweries.

As one ofjust a couple of trade organisations in the food and drink industry supporting micro and small enterprise we are welcome the opportunity to engage with government and remain hopeful that our contribution to community will be recognised and our voices heard...


The Act was finalised in September 2018 and will allow craft drinks producers to sell their own product at their manufacturing premises. There are limits to opening hours and those who sell alcohol for consumption on premises can do so only if customers have taken a guided tour.
In order to avail of the licence, breweries will need to make an application to the court.